10 days tour from Casablanca

10 days morocco tour from Casablanca

Visit Morocco on 10 Days Tour from Casablanca

Welcome to Morocco; begin an exciting Moroccan vacation by starting a 10-day guided tour through the kingdom’s beating. Thus, from Casablanca, they will visit the imperial cities, the Sahara desert, and the Atlas Mountains. It is a country that offers unique experiences from the African fabric, ancient and complex history, and the raw beauty of nature.

 Here you will visit the largest Moroccan mosque Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and spend a night in a desert camp in Merzouga. Chefchaouen has the “Blue Pearl” feeling and Volubillisis – the remains of the ancient Romans. Boroc also ought to visit the cultural and spiritual part of the Moroccan city of Fez.

 Experience the Sahara with camel riding and the enjoyment of Berber music. This tour allows you to learn about Moroccan culture, try the famous food, and interact with warm people. It is ideal for anyone who desires culture, an adrenaline rush, or a preview of what Morocco had in the olden days.

A Journey to Morocco’s Imperial Cities

Morocco’s adventure begins in Rabat, the current capital and one of the monarchs’ royal cities in the kingdom. Most especially, it retains the persistence of Morocco’s past, proving that it is a city where old and new rubber.

 Among all the activities, Rabat interests we’ll visit the Hassan Tower – the 12th-century minaret that proves the skill of the city in this sphere. Next, we will take a tour of the Mausoleum of Mohammed V. This place is the burial place for the former king and is beautiful with exquisite work and people show a lot of regard to it.

 Traveling is not over without visiting the Kasbah of Oudaya. This historic area is located by the Atlantic Ocean and is lively. Exploring the streets we will learn why this place is a UNESCO object and get a feeling of being in such a city.

Explore the Blue Pearl: Chefchaouen

For instance, in the Rif Mountain range, there is the town of Chefchaouen famously renowned for the blue city beckoning tourists. Popularly called the Blue Pearl, here the buildings and the alleys are resplendent in blue. This gives a serene and elegant touch.

 As we walk through Chefchaouen we have a rather feeling that we are in real life. The atmosphere of this town lets us have a relaxing taste of pseudo-rural life. Personally, there are markets and cafes with outstanding colors and furniture, which proves the richness of the area.

 There is no better way to tour an area than by exploring street by street and this makes cramming the alleyways of Chefchaouen even more interesting. It has several small shops, crafts, and friendly people at every corner you take. It is great for gift shopping, for local cuisine tasting or just strolling about in a rather serene environment. Chefchaouen adds to your Morocco tour, which is unforgettable.

Morocco’s Ancient Roman Heritage

Initiate a voyage to embark on the exploration of the Roman enclaves of Morocco that have for long remained unknown. We will go to the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis which was inscribed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Here, you are guaranteed to observe well-preserved Roman structures and features of civilization. There are some fine mosaics, large columns, and beautiful arcades at this site.

 In the next stage, we will travel to Meknes which is well known for its wonderful architecture. Visit the huge Bab Al-Mansour gate, Sahrij Souani basin, and the quiet Moulay Ismail Mausoleum. These places illustrate Moroccan history and its association with the Roman Empire.

 Let me be your guide and on our guided tours and experiences you will get to discover Morocco’s Roman period. You will feel culturally and historically enriched after the Morocco tour is through. Are you ready to be surprised by the old times? Let us present you Volubilis and the city of Meknes. Most of these places give a clear testimony to the strong historical interaction between Morocco and the Romans.

Fez: The Cultural and Spiritual Heart of Morocco

Dive into the cultural and religious capital of Morocco, the beautiful city of Fez. During the sightseeing, we will be following the guide through the old autonomous city of Morocco known as Medina – the focal point that is enlisted as a World Heritage Site. Naturally, you will witness the Bab Boujloud or the Blue Gate as well as the unbelievable educational college of Medrasa Bouanania.

 Take a stroll at Najjarine Fountain and after take a look at Tanneries, handicrafts of leather products are made traditionally. We shall also be. Optional, visiting the Quaraouin mosque and university; it is the oldest university in the world, and the Mellah; the Jewish quarter.

 Fez is an amazing city that will immerse the guests into the world of rich history, traditions, and religious beliefs. The tour across Moroccan magnificence guiding the medina through its streets and squares will unveil what put it at the core of the country. Join us on this fantastic walk through the Fez Medina which is one of the best examples of Morocco’s history.

Experience the Sahara Desert Adventure

Begin an amazing journey to the great Sahara desert and directly to the Merzouga region. Spend the day riding a camel over the huge dunes of the Sahara and see the amazing sunset. Next, switch to a classic Sahara Desert camp and enjoy the surrounding Berber music and Saharan dancing around the bonfire at night accompanied by stars.

 Thus, it can be stated that the Sahara Desert trip is something extraordinary and rather fascinating. Crowning your expedition are the magnificent feelings you will have for the country and its people while on a camel ride over the golden sand creation. If you want to experience the essence the of Sahara and see the beautiful sunset, the Merzouga area is the best place to do it.

 As you stay at the traditional desert camp you will be treated to the melodies of Berber music. It has been traditional music for centuries enlarging the desert. Sitting around the fire with friends and catching up on stories or watching shooting stars at night.

 They are both part of the Moroccan experience, particularly the exciting Saharan safari. It enables a person to interact with the land, the people, and the customs that have been practiced for decades.

The Treasures of the Merzouga Region

besides, Begin your tour in the Merzouga region which has many sites that show the typical Berber culture and many natural beauties. Go through a traditional Nomads’ camp to be acquainted with the mode of living of Nomads. Have the flavorful Berber tea and listen to and watch the Gnawa music and dance in the village of Khamlia.

 Next, check the ancient eyeliner mine to see the traditions of this area. It’s a joy to do a walk through the beautiful palm groves and compare the desert and the oasis kind of terrains.

 Merzouga area is off the beaten path and there are many things to do there. You will like the friendly people of the Nomads, the enchanting music of Gnawa, and the silent palm groves. Everyone should come and visit to explore the less visible parts of Morocco.

Journey to Morocco’s Stunning Landscapes

Besides, You might want to start an incredible journey through Morocco and its diverse and beautiful terrains. Visit the Todra Gorges by the river, Shuffle on the cliff with beautiful rocks and green palms and continue into the Dades Valley.

Moreover, One should annually tour the Rose Valley for the rose festival. A smart stroll through the village of Skoura and its luxurious palm groves to present Morocco. Ouarzazate– the door to the desert along with the world heritage site in Morocco- Ait Ben Haddou, the shooting spot for several movies.

 Depending on the route you are using, there will be places with stunning views of the high Atlas Mountains. This journey across the landscapes of Morocco will make you giddy from the visual artery and the richness of the picture.

10 days tour from Casablanca: Unveiling Marrakech’s Wonders

Moreover, Conclude your 10-day Morocco Tour from Casablanca in Marrekesh, the vibrant city. This city is among the four famous imperial cities located in Morocco. To get to the stunning Bahia Palace, the astonishing Saadian Tombs, the arge Koutoubia Mosque, and explore the mysterious Majorelle Garden, you will have an accompanying local guide. You will also see the crowded Jemaa el-Fnaa square where you will also take a walk through the traditional markets known as souks and they also offer a lively experience.

 Moreover, the Culture of Marrakech when seeing its landmarks and souks as well. The fine carving all over Bahia Palace and the serene beauty of Majorelle Garden will take your breath away.  Thus your 10-day adventure begins in Casablanca and ends in Marrakech, a beautiful city. Here one can learn why this place is one of the most popular ones in Morocco. Thanks to the professional local guide you will hear a lot about the historical background of the imperial city.

Authentic Moroccan Experiences

However, Immerse yourself in the Moroccan culture on your 10-day trip. Stay in classic Riads – these are homely and also very authentic. In as much as they introduce you to Moroccan culture they demonstrate Moroccan hospitality. Here are friendly people who will introduce you to their food and their works of art which are their crafts.

 You can now savor Morocco’s delicious and flavorful age-old recipes. Spicy tagines fresh fruits and sweet pastries are some of the things that you should be eagerly waiting to taste. The dishes are ageless in meaning; each recipe transports you to the very soul of Morocco. Watchlocals creates pretty apparel, fabrics, pottery, and well-ornamented metal products. Of course, you can take a piece of Morocco’s culture in your pocket back home with you.

 However, Everything from Moroccan life you want to see on your trip is available on your Moroccan map. Experience Marrakech’s bustle in the souks or traverse the calm of the Sahara desert. This is your opportunity as a tool of influence mostly when it comes to the customs of the people. You will have an image to cherish for life.

Conclusion: Create Lasting Memories in Morocco

Furthermore, In this 10-day Casablanca tour, you will be getting the vacation of your lifetime. This wonderful trip to Discover Morocco which is one of the best travel companies in Marrakech. Furthermore, It captures Morocco in terms of the culture, beauty, and friendliness of the people. Moreover Formerly established for only 16 years, they guarantee your travel to be seamless and phenomenal.

 However, Just think about the exciting experience one may have in the Fes souks the serene Sahara, or the beautiful sights of Ait Benhaddou. , This 10-day tour from Casablanca will bring lots of love to the great heritage of Moroccan culture. Every place that one goes to will leave a mark on his/her heart and remain with him/her.

 Our great service and concentration on detail guarantee that your trip to Morocco will be unique. Step into the Moroccan way of life, have the time of your life, and leave with amazement. This trip will explain to you why Morocco is exceptional, Visit Casablanca and enjoy your 10-day tour from Casablanca