7 days tour from Casablanca

7 days tour from Casablanca

Discover Morocco: 7 Days Tour from Casablanca

Day trip from Casablanca and watch the marvel of Morocco for seven days. We offer you to visit imperial cities, historical and archaeological places, beautiful places of nature, and cultural activities. This is a place where you will be able to contemplate how modern and traditional intertwine in this spiritual land 7 days tour from Casablanca

 Get the business-like vibe of Morocco’s largest city and economic capital. After that, go for a visit to the spectacular Hassan II Mosque. After that continue to Chefchaouen, the city of blue walls which will impress you at first sight. You also get to visit the archeological ruins of Volubilis- an ancient city with Roman Influence and Meknes which is known as the Ismaili capital.

Travel To Morocco?

 Travel to Morocco and particularly visit Fes city, considered as the spiritual capital of the country. You will go round the enormous medina. Next, go to Ifrane city which is referred to as “Moroccan Switzerland” due to the buildings’ like mountains. You will also visit Rissani which used to be a trading center a long time ago, and Todra Gorges which is a gorge.

 Marrakech known as the “Red City” in Morocco includes the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Koutoubia Mosque, and Bahia Palace. Ouzoud Waterfalls is situated in the region of the High Atlas Mountains, you mustn’t miss it. It also boasts of having nice scenery, especially the Atlas range of mountains.

 On this seven-day tour, you can have private transport there are different places for stopovers, and guides are employed. Travel and explore different cultural fields, test the local cuisine, and create unforgettable impressions in this North African state.

The Imperial Cities of Morocco

Begin an exciting discovery of imperial cities in Morocco. Both cities allow the exposure of the country’s richness of history and the vigor of its people. Our tour starts in Casablanca, at the
massive Hassan II Mosque, and visiting places of interest.

Arriving in Morocco we visit Rabat which is the country’s capital. We are going to visit the royal palace and a very beautiful place named Oudaya Kasbah and the very tall tower of Hassan. In Fez, we will just stroll around the big walled city and visit the Berber people’s amazing works.

 The last destination of our trip is dynamic Marrakech. We will see some of the famous landmarks such as the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs, and Jemaa el-Fnaa Square. This square is another site that UNESCO has recommended for the conservation and showcasing of the city’s culture. Oh yes, we will taste various Moroccan dishes, including the chicken bastilla and the lamb tagine with prunes.

 Whether it’s your first time, or you’ve been here several times, the 7-day Casablanca tour is amazing. Mountain biking areas include expert guides, comfortable accommodations, and letting you explore Morocco’s imperial cities.

The Roman Ruins of Volubilis: A Lifetime Experience

Begin an adventurous tour from the archeological site of Volubilis Roman which has been listed by UNESCO. This Ancient city belongs to the Roman Empire and was established in the 1 ^{st} century AD. Through the impressive works created within its architecture, such as the beautiful flooring mosaics, the large door arc, and old architectural designs, the Roman Empire proves its worth in the construction area.

 This amazing archaeological site is on our way to Meknes and it is worth stopping by. The ruins can be visited and one is welcomed by how well they have been preserved. Discover the history of this place and bring the life of the past to life at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 In Meknes, the gates of Meknes, royal stables, and Moulay Ismail Mausoleum will be observed. These sights depict the architectural beauty of the royal cities in the kingdom of Morocco. Connecting the Volubilis Roman ruins to the modern architecture of this country, this stop is such a fascinating one.

Marrakech: The Red Heart of Morocco

Prepare yourself, Marrakech is waiting for you, it is the noisy and vibrant soul of Morocco. This city will entice your eyes, ears, and palate in distinct ways.

 To begin, perhaps one should pay a visit to the Koutoubia mosque, known to everyone. It is a very large structure that boasts of the history of Marrakech. Then we will visit the Saadian Tombs. This beautiful and rather deceptive place lets one catch a glimpse of the past and the extravagance that Morocco was to its rulers.

Visit Marrakech

 Moving to what we can look at next, people will be charmed by the magnificent Bahia Palace. Oh, it is of the Moorish type that will impress us, it is a beautiful work of art. Exploring the design and neighborhoods of Marrakesh further, it will be possible to find out more about the arts and cultural life of the city in the local galleries and museums.

 Of course, after such a walk, our tour will not be complete without a visit to the famous Jemaa El-Fnaa square. There is a commercial evolution going on in this area which offers a good quality and quantity of traditional products, occupying a large space of handicrafts, spices as well and delicious foods. Forgetting about taboos, we will wander through the souks, describing the atmosphere that this square has, what can be heard, and what one can smell.

 To loosen up, the Majorelle Gardens shall be toured. This sensationally beautiful garden was designed by the French artist Jacques Majorelle. It is green and colorful and presents the perfect opportunity to get a respite from the nerve-jangling activity of the city.

The Breathtaking Ouzoud Waterfalls

Get in the car and drive to the Middle and High Atlas Mountains to visit the spectacular Ouzoud Waterfalls. This is a beautiful natural phenomenon that is located in an area of green vegetation and boasts a waterfall that is over one hundred meters in drop. It is quiet to take a stroll, take a rest, or have a packed lunch accompanied by excellent opportunities to take some very picturesque shots of the lake. Here, you will witness the actual lives of the native Berber people amid a stunning environment.

 Ouzoud Waterfalls: 360 meters through the jungle with three large cascades. On top, there are numerous amounts of small mills. It is possible to go to the base to watch the water and take a break as it is rather peaceful there. This is one of the most beautiful unknown areas situated in the Middle Atlas region and away from the bustle of Morocco’s commercial centers.

 At Ouzoud Waterfalls be sure to find the Berber people of Morocco. They have a rich culture and you might come across their traditional works or even have your lunch at a rather faulted tree. It will make you embrace the Morocco lifestyle, and the natural beauty more if you will be privileged to have the experience.

Submerging  in Moroccan Culture and Traditions

Begin your trip into the world of arts and customs of one of the most attractive countries of North Africa – Morocco. Experience the history of Fez where one can find the biggest media, Watch skilled Berber people weaving nice and beautiful carpets, ceramics, and other Moroccan products. Because of the many spices and ingredients used in Moroccan food, savor the distinct taste of Moroccan food.

 Watch the Berbers sing, dance, and tell their folklore and legends. Get to know the gentle Moroccan people and their culture. The souks are bustling with ginger and haggling, becoming a wanderer of the alleys of the old city.

 As you go around Fez in the medina, do not miss an opportunity to chew on a tagine, or behold a piece of the finest Moroccan hand-woven carpet. That’s for sure, you and your lover will feel the magic of this special place.

The Atlas Mountains: Scenic Drives and Panoramic Vistas

The Atlas Mountains are also best for the most attractive scenes of nature and having a marvelous sight. Travel to the city of Ifrane known as the ‘Moroccan Switzerland’ There is the Cedar forest where the Barbary macaque lives. Then visit the Ziz Valley followed by the Merzouga Sahara Desert. Thus, the trip from the mountains to the desert proves the. The writer’s point is that Morocco is a diverse country.

They traverse hills and dales, These roads, of course. Of all the studied Algerian universities, Ifrane is the most high profile with its structures bearing close resemblances to Switzerland’s with well-maintained gardens and lawns. It is a complete reversal of the wild mountains.

These are the reasons why this place is special, due to plants and Barbary macaques. This species of monkey is known as the Monkeys of Ifrane.

 Then, we move to the Ziz Valley. The area is so pretty with cliffs and waterfalls. This area seems bright, spirited, and alive. Last but not least, the tourists reach the Sahara Desert of Merzouga. The dunes you can see as far as the eye can reach or as far as your sand glass can capture.

7 Days Tour from Casablanca: A Comprehensive Itinerary

This 7-day Morocco tour from Casablanca is immersive. from the airport to the hotel and then back, with every moment being made as comfortable.

 Saying that here is your 7-day Casablanca tour of the imperial cities as well as the Roman Empire ruins. You will also have opportunities to see sights of interest and experience the culture of Morocco. This is a daily schedule that enables a traveler to have a look at all the lovely places of Morocco in a week.

 It: lasts 60 days, measures 3,999 km, and will take you to four UNESCO sites and places such as Chefchaouen and the Sahara. You will have an escorted tour of the existing mosques and medinas, remains of Romans, and other relics. This provides you with the aspect of the Moroccan culture and history that you can hardly get anywhere else.

Transportations in Morocco

 Transportation can range from driving a car personally by the client to camel riding in the Sahara desert. It will also be possible to visit medinas and different historic places. When it comes to accommodation then it is as diverse as it can be starting from an ordinary Moroccan Riad to a luxurious Bedouin-style camp that would suit anyone’s preference.

 According to the movie the traveler moves from snowy mountains to the Sahara desert to prove the beauty of Morocco. You will visit local markets to shop, taste Moroccan cuisine, and watch shows. This makes you understand Moroccan traditions and lifestyle.

Accommodations and Tour Services

Welcome to this 7-day Morocco Cultural Tour that will start in Casablanca. Accommodation will be in Casablanca hotels, Rabat and Fez riads, and Marrakech riads. Every location provides a mix of the classic and new styles of the country.

 Teaching tours: Our instructed, professionally English-speaking driver and local guides are always with you. They will tell in detail some interesting facts and will show you Morocco’s various terrains and tourist attractions. After that, you will discover the imperial cities, walking around the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, as well as the large and beautiful Ouzoud Waterfalls.

 This includes seven days of the trip that covers five important places to enable you to have an insight into Moroccan history, cities, and natural setup. Easily impressed by the architecture of Rabat, discovered the traditions of Fez, and got into the rhythm of Marrakech. This tour is a remarkable exploration of the center of Morocco.

Travel Tips and Recommendations

If you plan your 7-day tour starting in Casablanca? Here is some advice that may help you to have a nice and productive trip. Explore the Moroccan traditions; this will help to understand the traditions of this African state.

 Oh yes, Morrocan food is a must-try out for everyone. As for the spices, you should enjoy the choice and meat from the tagine. Do not leave out any kind of climate and location whether it’s the coastal climate, mountainous climate, or even the desert climate.

 Also, learn the measures you can take to ensure your safety while in Morocco in other to feel secure. Find out about the laws and regulations of the area, the culture, and the contact information of health facilities.

Conclusion – 7 days tour from Casablanca

Thus, our 7-day Morocco tour from Casablanca to Marrakech has provided you the splendid exposure to the Moroccan culture. It enabled one to explore the beautification of this significant area. You have witnessed the imperial cities, ruins of ancient Rome, and beautiful sceneries. This was a comprehensive Moroccan experience at its best.

 This tour was ideal for the history of Morocco, those interested in culture, or just wanting to behold the beauty of Morocco. You now have memories that will last a lifetime and armfuls of appreciation for Morocco’s quirk. Wishing you embrace the warmth of Morocco and its hospitality in each of your endeavors. You are going to be anxious to travel to this great place again.

 Speaking of the next vacation, it might be useful to consider the Casablanca to Marrakech tour package. It is a journey that will make contact with your person and that will remain preserved in you. Morocco’s nature and culture travel destination will keep drawing you, over and over.


What is in the 7-day tour from Casablanca?

Many of the sights you will see on this seven-day tour across the imperial cities, ruins of the ancient Romans, kasbahs, and beautiful nature starting from Casablanca. You will also get to learn a lot about Moroccan cultural practices and other ceremonial practices. The use of a car with a driver who can speak English, tourist guides, a place to stay, and means of transport.

What are the highlights of the tour?

Here you will also see the large Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca and travel to the royal cities of Rabat and Fez. You also get to view the well-preserved Roman structures in the ancient city of Volubilis. Also, you will encounter the vivid Marrakech, see the Ouzoud Waterfalls, and get an immersive view of Morocco’s culture and customs.

What type of accommodations are in the tour?

 indifferent standards and some local Moroccan hotels and riads in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech. This makes you feel as if you are having a tour of a foreign country in a real sense.

How much free time is in the itinerary?

There is a mix of times visits or excursions and free time during which you will be visiting on your own or having some optional activities. This way, there will be enough time for you to stroll through the souk, do more sightseeing, or simply feel the Moroccan atmosphere.

What should I pack for the 7-day tour?

Bring comfortable clothes that you will wear when in the various regions with different terrains including the coastal region, mountainous regions, and deserts. Don’t forget sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and any luggage/clothes or medicine that you are likely to require.

Is the tour suitable for solo travelers?

Yes, singles will also like the 7-day tour starting in Casablanca. It will be in a group, which is good to be convenient for meeting people and seeing the highlights of Morocco while being safe and with a tour guide.

Can the tour to my interests? – 7 days tour from Casablanca

I think you realize the fact that everybody is different. But if the main sightseeing concerns Morocco’s key places of interest we are flexible and will be glad to change something with the activities you like. because  We will sit down with you to allow for customization of the tour to match your interests.