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October 25, 2023

Fes: one of the royal cities of Morocco, often considered the cultural and spiritual heart of Morocco. Fes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its arts and crafts, historic sites, bustling markets, and rich cultural heritage. Arts and crafts and education in Morocco make the city accessible to both domestic and international travelers.

Reached its peak in the Marinid era (13th-15th centuries), when it regained its status as a political capital. Numerous new madrasas and mosques were built, many of which remain today, while other buildings were restored. These buildings are among the hallmarks of Moorish and Moroccan architecture. in 1276, the Marinid Sultan Abu Yusuf Yaqub also founded the royal administrative district of Fes Jdid, where the royal palace (Dar al-Makhzen) is still located, to which extensive gardens were later added. During this period, the Jewish population of the city grew, and the Mellah (Jewish quarter) was built on the south side of this district. After the fall of the Marinid dynasty.

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