Morocco Festivals

Morocco Festivals

Discover Morocco Festivals | Celebrate Culture & Tradition

First, Listening to Moroccan music in the morning in front of the gates of the old Medina and smelling spices—this is the beginning of most festivals celebrated in Morocco. These events offer a period of discovery, revealing cultural sites that provide insight into the Moroccan community’s past. From the divine music of the Fez Festival to the energy of the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival, visitors can enjoy memorable experiences. Simply put, it is a chance to leap into an ethnically and culturally diverse country.

Introduction to Moroccan Festivals

Second, Morocco is synonymous with lively festivals and cultural events. Most of its chief annual commemorations and festivities are associated with the teachings of Islam, epitomized by sharing food, family, and community. This makes it easy for visitors to immerse themselves in Moroccan traditional celebrations. These events are observed according to the lunar calendar; as such, they differ every year.

Moreover, It is important to note that Morocco goes beyond religious occasions such as Ramadan and other Islamic celebrations. It hosts many cultural events and festivals, showcasing Morocco’s historical and cultural background. For example, the Gnaoua World Music Festival of Essaouira and the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music offer a glimpse of the country’s culture throughout the year. You can also join us to explore Morocco’s festivals with our selected tour packages, including the magical cultural fair of the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival or the Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna. Every tour is designed to capture the true essence of Morocco, from the religious heritage of Ramadan to the vibrant Asilah Arts Festival. Come on board for an inspiring experience in a culturally rich country.

Yennayer (Amazigh New Year)

on the other hand, Moroccans eagerly anticipate Yennayer, which marks the beginning of the Amazigh (Berber) calendar new year. This event is significant as it celebrates the Indigenous Berber population before the computation of time on the Gregorian calendar. The celebration is replete with various performers, including musicians, dancers, and tradition bearers who perform cultural troupes.

Amazigh civilization’s calendar began in 950 B.C., making the current year 2974 in the Amazigh calendar. Celebrating the arrival of the Berber Year 2974, there are different beliefs about when Yennayer was officially made a national holiday by King Mohammed V of Morocco, but it was in May 2023. This move signifies the government’s attempt to preserve Morocco’s multiculturalism and support the Amazigh people. Algeria later adopted the holiday in late 2017.

So, Yennayer is a tradition dating back to the pastoralists’ pre-settler past in North Africa, related to farming cycles. It marks the beginning of a new year, symbolizing positive change and blessings. Families gather to enjoy special dishes such as Turkmen and tegula in Morocco and couscous in Algeria.

Yennayer is not only celebrated in Morocco but also in other countries of the Arab world, including Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and parts of Egypt like the Siwa Oasis. Social gatherings embrace their Amazigh origin and welcome the new year harmoniously.

Morocco Festivals

Moreover, Morocco is rich in culture and traditions, with festivals and celebrations depicting the active Moroccan culture. Some of the best festivals include the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival. Other notable festivals are the Imilchil Marriage Festival, Erfoud Date Festival, and Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival.

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music lasts for nine days and features artists from all over the world. This event demonstrates the diverse traditions of sacred music.

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival

The Marrakech Popular Arts Festival showcases Moroccan arts performances, attracting people from Europe and worldwide.

Imilchil Marriage Festival

The Imilchil Marriage Festival is unique, where young individuals go to select their spouses.

Erfoud Date Festival

The Erfoud Date Festival celebrates the date palm harvest with singing, dancing, live music, arts and crafts, and camel racing.

Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival

Starting in 1997, the Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival highlights Gnaoua music.

Asilah Arts Festival

The Asilah Arts Festival, featuring artists worldwide, transforms the town into a hub of artistic activities.

Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna

The Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna, held in May, attracts thousands with parades, beauty pageants, and traditional performances.

Ramadan in Morocco

Ramadan is a special period dedicated to fasting, praying, and reflection. Families prepare large meals, and the evening meal, iftar, is a time of happiness and unity.

Best Morocco Tours: Experience Authentic Moroccan Festivals

So, Travel on the best Morocco tours to discover genuine Moroccan festivals. Our tours feature Morocco’s culture, from the drumming of the Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival to the colorful fun of the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival. Explore the meaning of the Yennayer celebrations or taste dates from the Erfoud Date Festival. Welcome to a wonderful Moroccan travel experience—let’s discover Morocco’s rich spectacle of festivals.


Furthermore, Moroccan festivals establish the country’s connection to its heritage. From the ancient cantos of the Berber people’s Yennayer to the rhythms of the Gnaoua Festival, these occasions offer a glimpse into Morocco’s soul. While planning your Morocco travel itinerary, immerse yourself in their festivals and revelries. These events showcase the artistic and musical endowment of the country and provide opportunities for cultural exchange. Through these festivals, you will appreciate Morocco’s cultural diversity and the traditions that remain steadfast amid modernization. Join us to celebrate with Moroccans and experience how colorful and wonderful these festivals are with us.


What are the top festivals and events in Morocco?

Moreover, Morocco hosts festivals such as the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, Marrakech Popular Arts Festival, Imilchil Marriage Festival, Erfoud Date Festival, Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival, Asilah Arts Festival, Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna, and Ramadan celebrations.

When do Moroccan festivals and events take place?

and then, Moroccan festivals and events follow the lunar year, so their dates vary annually. Confirm the actual dates of the events you wish to attend.

What is the Yennayer festival?

Yennayer marks the Amazigh (Berber) New Year and features music, dance, and cultural performances, celebrating the historical and cultural heritage of the Amazigh people.

What can visitors expect at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music?

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is a cultural affair featuring world sacred music, promoting balance, tolerance, and cultural understanding through concerts, debates, and diverse musical performances.

What is the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival?

The Marrakech Popular Arts Festival showcases Moroccan popular arts, including music, dance, and crafts, offering a rich cultural experience.

What is the Imilchil Marriage Festival?

The Imilchil Marriage Festival is a traditional event where individuals from various groups gather to celebrate marriage with cultural passages, making it a significant occasion for anthropologists and culture enthusiasts.

What can visitors expect at the Erfoud Date Festival?

The Erfoud Date Festival features a celebration of dates, with opportunities to taste various date dishes, enjoy music and dance, and explore desert-related activities.

What is the Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival?

 The Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival combines traditional Gnaoua music with contemporary elements, attracting music lovers and Gnaoua culture enthusiasts.

What can visitors expect at the Asilah Arts Festival?

The Asilah Arts Festival features mural paintings, exhibitions, and cultural shows, attracting art lovers, photographers, and creative individuals.

What is the Rose Festival in Kelaat M’Gouna?

The Rose Festival celebrates the rose harvest with parades, beauty contests, traditional performances, and local music, making it a vibrant cultural immersion experience.

What can visitors expect during Ramadan in Morocco?

Ramadan in Morocco is a month of fasting, praying, and reflection, offering an opportunity to observe Islamic rituals, enjoy communal iftar meals, and experience Moroccan cultural unity.