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Student tours in Morocco

December 13, 2023
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Student tours in Morocco can be a fantastic way for young learners to explore the rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes of this North African country. When planning student tours in Morocco, consider including a mix of educational, cultural, and recreational activities. Here are some suggestions for destinations and activities:

  1. Historical Sites:

    • Marrakech: Explore the historic medina, visit the Bahia Palace, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Jemaa el-Fnaa Square.
    • Fes: Discover the ancient medina, visit the University of Al Quaraouiyine, and explore the tanneries.
  2. Cultural Experiences:

    • Berber Villages: Take students to traditional Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains to learn about the unique culture and lifestyle.
    • Local Workshops: Arrange visits to artisan workshops where students can see traditional crafts such as pottery, carpet weaving, and metalwork.
  3. Educational Visits:
    • Archaeological Sites: Visit Volubilis, the ancient Roman city, to explore well-preserved ruins and learn about Morocco’s history.
    • Museums: Consider trips to museums like the Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts in Marrakech or the Batha Museum in Fes.
  4. Outdoor Activities:
    • Sahara Desert: Plan a trip to the Sahara Desert for a unique experience, including camel trekking, camping under the stars, and exploring the dunes.
    • Atlas Mountains: Organize hiking trips in the Atlas Mountains, providing students with an opportunity to appreciate Morocco’s diverse landscapes.
  5. Language and Cultural Exchange:
    • Language Classes: Arrange language classes where students can learn basic Arabic or Berber phrases.
    • Home Stays: Consider incorporating homestays with local families to immerse students in Moroccan culture and daily life.
  6. Environmental Awareness:

    • Atlas Cedar Forests: Highlight environmental sustainability by visiting the Atlas Cedar forests and discussing conservation efforts.
    • Oasis Conservation: Discuss the importance of oasis ecosystems and conservation efforts in areas like the Draa Valley.
  7. Food Experiences:

    • Cooking Classes: Engage students in Moroccan cuisine by organizing cooking classes, and introducing them to traditional dishes like tagine and couscous.
  8. City Exploration:

    • Casablanca: Visit the Hassan II Mosque and explore the modern side of Morocco in this coastal city.
    • Rabat: Explore the capital city, visit historical sites like the Kasbah of the Udayas, and understand the political significance of the city.

Ensure that the tour itinerary considers the interests and educational goals of the students while providing a well-rounded experience of Morocco’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Additionally, working with reputable tour operators or educational travel companies with experience in student tours can help ensure a safe and enriching experience.