5 Days Tour From Fes To Sahara Desert & Marrakech City

zagora morocco

October 31, 2023

Zagora: town located in southeastern Morocco, situated in the Draa River Valley.  known for its picturesque desert landscapes, including sand dunes and palm groves. its a starting point for excursions into the Sahara Desert, making and  popular destination for travelers seeking desert adventures.One of the most famous features of Zagora entrance of the town that humorously claims “Timbuktu 52 days”, indicating the distance to the legendary city of Timbuktu in Mali. This sign has become an iconic symbol of the Sahara Desert and  frequently photographed by visitors.

Zagora mountain the remains of an Almoravid fortress can still be seen.[1] The exact location of the former Almoravid mosque is still a matter of dispute.

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