Morocco By Tours Travel agency is a Berber team that provides tours of Morocco in English, Spanish, Arabic, and of course – Berber. Our team enjoys the simplicity of life in the desert and finds great satisfaction in revealing the quiet southern nomads. Morocco By Tours has many years of experience guiding travelers through Morocco. We are a gentle, patient, knowledgeable, and attentive team that has all the qualities necessary to maintain a successful and traditional travel company. With us, you will discover the true Morocco. So the options are varied and we are here to provide an unforgettable trip to Morocco.

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So our drivers are French, English and Spanish speaking. They have been selected for their kindness, seriousness, and punctuality to guarantee you the best travel conditions.

Because of our experience, our professional team is at your service to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our agency offers a tailor-made program that will allow you to approach the nature of Morocco and its beautiful sites.


Our Mission is to provide options for Private Moroccan tours and Moroccan trekking tours. Morocco By Tours offers tours for couples, families, friends, and single travelers. Our tours will take you through unique Moroccan outdoor landscapes and offer one-of-a-kind cultural and travel experiences. Possibilities include a camel trek in the desert that follows the ancient caravan routes used for the spice trade. Another possibility would be a unique luxurious desert tour staying in traditional Berber campsites. Our tailored tours can also include all the main Imperial cities of Morocco including Marrakech, Fes, and Meknes.

Bcause of Our objective of our agency “Morocco By Tours” is to arouse the desire and the pleasure of the discovery, in the atmosphere and the tolerance.

Traveling with us is also the guarantee of having access to the best in complete safety and also of touching a unique human experience with our teams are suitable for a real meeting with those who make all the charm and the magic of Morocco.


Diverse Destinations

We offer a variety of trips and activities within different parts of Morocco suited to your tastes and needs.

Value for Money

We provide private vacations and group tours for travelers that have all types of budgets.

Private Transport

avoid wasting time , Enjoy a comfortable pick up transfer from Airports to your own chosen destination

Passionate Travel

Our Morocco tours are ideal for people who want a cultural experience and enjoy observing life.