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Contact us a travel company that has many years of experience, knowledge, and respect. guides will show you the best of Morocco.

We introduce a unique method of exploring destinations. to get away from the typical tourist tours of the country and work with locals, nomads, and Berbers to make your trip more authentic. Contact us

Provide private guides for all group ranges traveling to Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, or other destinations. We offer the choice of a personalized guided tour for all guests whether couples, families, friends, or single packers visiting Morocco.

With our private guides, you explore the main attractions and monuments at your own pace, and you will get the most from your visit with a dedicated introduction to the hidden Morocco. Our guide will be able to involve every person in the group, our goal is to educate and bewilder you.

Upon confirmation of an itinerary suitable to you (tours you see on our website can be modified depending on your requirements), we’ll require you a deposit necessary for booking your tour with Morocco By Tours. At the start of your tour in Morocco, we ask that you pay the balance of your booked time




    • +212 669-081312
    • B.P 611 PC Ouarzazate, Morocco
    • Mon – Sun 9:00 am – 11:00 pm

    Reservation Policy

    • We require a 25 % deposit to reserve your private Morocco tour
    • By PayPal cost 7% fees
    • Bank transfer cost 14% fees
    •  Pay by credit card : 5% fees