How much money should I take to Morocco for 2 weeks? The amount of money you'll need for a two-week trip to Morocco

How much money should I take to Morocco for 2 weeks

How much money should I take to Morocco for 2 weeks


Embarking on a two-week journey to Morocco beckons an exploration of its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant cities. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, strategic financial planning becomes paramount. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the budgetary considerations, exploring the costs associated with accommodation, food, transportation, activities, and miscellaneous expenses.

Accommodation: Finding Comfort Within Budget

Understanding Options

To begin, it’s crucial to understand the various accommodation options Morocco offers, ranging from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious riads. Making a judicious choice between these options significantly influences your overall budget. Additionally, considering the diverse nature of your stay, allocating an estimated 30% of your budget for accommodation ensures a comfortable yet economical stay.

Average Costs

On average, budget-conscious travelers can find hostels or budget hotels at around $20-30 per night, while mid-range options may cost between $50-80. Transitioning to luxury accommodations, such as traditional riads or upscale hotels, one might encounter prices surpassing $100 per night. Considering a two-week stay, it is prudent to earmark $350-700 for accommodation.

Dining Delights: Savoring Moroccan Cuisine

Gauging Costs

Next on the financial itinerary is exploring the cost of indulging in Morocco’s renowned culinary delights. Street food and local eateries provide affordable options, with meals costing around $5-10. Moving up the scale, mid-range restaurants offer a balance between cost and culinary experience, typically charging $15-30 per person.

Daily Food Budget

To maintain a sense of control over expenses, it is advisable to plan for a daily food budget of $20-40, taking into account the diverse array of meals Morocco has to offer. Over two weeks, this allocation ensures a sufficient budget of approximately $280-560 for food, allowing travelers to relish the gastronomic wonders the country has to offer.

Navigating Transportation: From Medinas to Deserts

Public Transport vs. Private Hire

Transitioning to the transportation segment, Morocco’s public transportation system stands out as a cost-effective option, with buses and trains seamlessly connecting major cities. Taxis, readily available, offer a convenient mode of local transport. However, for longer distances or enhanced flexibility, private hires or rental cars become viable but pricier options.

Daily Transportation Budget

For an effective financial strategy, allocating 15-20% of your budget for transportation is crucial. This translates to approximately $10-20 per day for local travel. For those opting for longer journeys or private transportation, such as hiring a driver or renting a car, an additional $100-200 should be set aside for the entire trip.

Exploring Activities: Unveiling Morocco’s Charms

Entrance Fees and Excursions

Shifting focus to activities, exploring Morocco’s historical sites, and museums, and engaging in excursions contribute significantly to a holistic experience. Budgeting around $10-20 per day for activities allows for flexibility, ensuring the opportunity to visit various attractions.

Total Activity Budget

Over two weeks, a budget of $140-280 should suffice for entrance fees and excursions. This allocation provides room for spontaneous discoveries, creating a balance between planned activities and impromptu adventures.

Miscellaneous: The Unseen Expenses

Unforeseen Costs

Lastly, accounting for miscellaneous expenses, including SIM cards, toiletries, and unforeseen circumstances, is paramount. Allocating 10% of your budget for these unpredictable but essential costs ensures a buffer. This translates to setting aside $70-140 to cover these unforeseen yet inevitable expenditures How much money should I take to Morocco for 2 weeks


How much money should I take to Morocco for 2 weeks, Embarking on an adventure in Morocco entails not only immersing oneself in its rich culture and beauty but also financial resources. By understanding the diverse costs associated with transportation, activities, and expenses, travelers can ensure an experience that aligns with their considerations. With a financial plan, Morocco opens its doors to a journey filled with the discovery allure of North Africa.